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Abstract Pen and Ink

Designed to cultivate inner peace through a meditative process, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to explore vibrant inks, create personalised pens, and immerse yourself in the therapeutic art of drawing.

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What to expect:

1. Play with inks, make personalised pens

We'll start by exploring the mesmerising qualities of vibrant inks as they spread and blend gracefully across the paper. You will have the freedom to mix colors, crafting your own unique palette, and fashioning your pens to unleash your creativity.

2. No experience needed to draw

Central to the experience will be the practice of drawing zentangle-inspired patterns using your pens you have just made. As you engage in guided drawing, you will find yourself immersed in a state of deep focus and relaxation, allowing unhelpful thoughts to fade away. This meditative activity offers a sanctuary for self-expression, enabling you to express yourself freely and tap into your inner creativity.

3. Inspirations for regular art practice

The workshop will provide valuable insights and tips on incorporating art into daily life for improved mental well-being. You will learn how to integrate mindful art practices into your routines, fostering a sense of tranquility and balance. Whether for art journaling or simply as a therapeutic outlet, the skills gained in this workshop will empower you to continue your creative journey long after the session concludes.

4. Personalised artwork and pens

Refreshments will be provided, ensuring a comfortable and nurturing environment for exploration and growth. You will also have the opportunity to take home your personalised pens, allowing you to continue your mindful art practice at your own pace.

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