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Mindful Art Workshops

Mindful Art workshop is one of the joyful ways to look after yourself.  There is no right or wrong.  It is about focusing on yourself, acceptance, embracing imperfections and expressing yourself freely.  The therapeutic art process will allow you to fully immerse yourself into the present moment, which will prevent unhelpful thoughts from sneaking into your mind.  The finished artworks will be positive affirmations of yourself, reminding you of the beauty found within.

adult art class Brighton Shoreham.JPG


Friday 28th June (Advanced class) 7-9pm

At the Yoga and Wellness Rooms in Shoreham

Saturday 29th June 2-4pm

At Starling Studio Brighton

painting class abstract brighton.jpg


Wednesday 24th April 7-9pm

At the Yoga and Wellness Rooms in Shoreham

Regular Workshops

art marbling brighton shoreham.jpg

Marbling session

Wednesday 29th May 7-9pm


Book binding session

- This session is for those who have come to the marbling workshop previously.

(Bring your marbled paper)

Friday 31st May 7-9pm £35 per person

At the Yoga and Wellness Rooms

art class  brighton.jpg

Wednesday 22nd May

7:00 - 9:00pm  £35 per person

At the Yoga and Wellness Rooms in Shoreham

Seasonal Workshops

origami class brighton shoreham.JPG

Join me in creating a captivating seasonal origami wreath that combines artistry and simplicity. Despite its intricate appearance, this workshop is designed for beginners, ensuring a rewarding and manageable experience with a little patience and time. As you embark on this creative journey, each fold will enhance your confidence, leading to a truly stunning end result that is well worth the effort.

Dates to be confirmed

at the Yoga and Wellness Rooms, Shoreham

£60 per person

Children's Workshops

children art class brighton shoreham.jpg

Children can try different art and craft with me every time.  Snacks and drinks will be provided too.  There will be special crafts and treats to cerebrate seasonal events like  Mother's day, Easter etc.  Drop off for 7 years and above but parents are welcome to stay.  It will be at my house near Shoreham Academy (I will send you the address once the booking has been confirmed).


Every other Saturday, term time only.

Bookings for half of the term

(3 sessions) £50​

  • Summer first half term  from 20th April

  • Summer second half term from 15th June

Individual sessions


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