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Bespoke Artwork

Alcohol Ink Art

A form of abstract art that uses vibrant, fluid colours to create unique and stunning designs. Layered and blended to create intricate and colourful designs that are unique to each piece.


Line Drawing

Botanical drawing, mandala, abstract drawing.
Pen and ink lin
e drawings can range from simple and minimalist, to complex and highly-detailed designs.
Line drawings can also be combined with watercolour
 or alcohol inks, to add color to the artwork.

japanese artist art crysanthemum.jpg
mandala art chihirojpg

Origami wreaths

Origami wreaths can be used as festive decorations for holidays or special events, or as a unique piece of wall art for your home. You choose the colours and designs. 

If you'd like to discuss having a unique piece of artwork made just for you

please get in touch using the link below

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