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Dip Marbling

Discover the mesmerizing art of marbling with our unique workshop experience, where I introduce you to two distinct styles: Suminagashi-Japanese marbling and Ebru marbling.

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What to expect:

1. Suminagashi-Japanese meditative approach

As you watch the ink delicately spread across the water's surface, you'll find yourself entranced by its beauty. This method encourages mindfulness, allowing you to focus on the present moment and find peace amidst the chaos of daily life. Embrace the free-flowing nature of Suminagashi as you witness the ink create unexpected patterns, reminding you of the beauty in unpredictability.

2. Ebru Marbling- Express yourself freely

In contrast, Ebru marbling offers a more hands-on experience, granting you greater control over the creation process. From traditional motifs to modern designs, you'll learn the techniques to craft intricate patterns. However, we also encourage you to let your intuition guide you, allowing your hands to create unique and personalized works of art.

3. All the necessary materials provided during the lesson

One of the most challenging aspects of marbling is gathering the right materials and preparing them beforehand. But fear not! I handle all the logistics, ensuring that you can simply arrive and immerse yourself in the creative process. As you indulge in this artistic journey, we'll provide refreshments to keep your inspiration flowing.

4. Personalised art work

Your creative adventure doesn't finish just yet! The marbled papers can be framed but can be used for various ways.  It can be used as a lining in a drawer, collage materials, wrapping small gifts, book cover and more.  I hope you get excited thinking about what to do with them! 

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